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For more than a decade KREDOR has been providing software solutions to companies in a wide range of industries – travel, money transfer, banking, insurance and more. What sets us apart is our ability to provide exceptionally powerful yet easy to use solutions to the problems that our clients face.

KREDOR currently has two divisions:

KREDOR Software, which offers:

- Off-the-shelf, customizable and easy-to-use automated decision systems that enables business managers or analysts to create and manage complex rule sets and machine learning models without the help of engineers. They are used to automate and simplify processes in many different industries and fields, such as mortgage loan approval, fraud detection, money laundering detection, airline commissions management, insurance underwriting, etc.

- Natural language processing solutions such as Speak! - providing for a first time untuitive, fluent dictation anywhere on the web.

KREDOR Talent Search – Utilizes a unique, scientific screening and selection process, designed to find the engineers and analysts with particularly strong analytical imagination / spatial thinking ability - those who can come up with an elegant solution to even the most complicated problem, who can write a program in ten times less code than is typical. Our system reduces hiring risk and saves you time. Athough we do recruitment mostly in the I.T. industry, the foundation of our approach is applicable to any engineering or other creative, analytical field.

A privately-held company, KREDOR was founded in May 2001 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.