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Decision Engine Products

In today's world, companies and governments demand sophisticated automated decisioning solutions that can help them adapt to and implement changes quickly.

KREDOR provides extremely powerful yet intuitive AI-based as well as Rules-based decision engines and frameworks, that are very easy to integrate into most companies's software infrastructure. They are highly expressive and can handle a wide range of decision automation use cases in any industry - financial, retail, travel, etc. They are designed to be easy to configure by business managers and analysts without the need for specialized engineers.

Our clients use these engines/frameworks to solve hard problems such as fraud detection, money-laundering detection, automatic loan approval, suspicious activity reporting, airline commission calculations and more. KREDOR offers customizable off-the-shelf components, SAAS solutions as well as

Anomaly Detection Framework
Makes catching fraud and other anomoulous activity or events a breeze. With models and parameters easily configurable by end users. Ideal for various cases of fraud detection such as money-laundering or retail employee fraud.
Easy to integrate.

Prediction Framework (for Sales, etc.)
Featuring extremely high accuracy even with a small amounts of training data and a lot of complex factors.

KREDOR Rules Engines
Capable of handling even the most sophisticated rules-engine needs thanks to a powerful language, a great UI with intellisense and complete customizability.
Straightforward to integrate with the rest of your system.

Top 5 Reasons To Trust KREDOR

1 Unmatched Customer Satisfaction Record
KREDOR has consistently exceeded customer expectations and has yet to have a dissatisfied customer.   Our success starts with caring deeply about our customers needs.
2 Great Team
Our team is made of top industry talent full of imagination and very customer focused.
3 Unsurpassed Quality
KRDOR utilizes cutting-edge software development practices and strict quality control to ensure top quality of our products and solutions. 
4 Cutting-edge solutions
Our solutions are typically trail-blazers in their problem domains.  They are based on innovative and original approaches and on the latest advances in computer science or specific industry sciences.
5 Affordable
KREDOR offers unique, world-class solutions at affordable prices.

Natural Language Solutions 

Dictate with ease anywhere on the web!
A Google Chrome extension providing uniquely intuitive, fluent dictation. Available also as a plugin, which can be included on any web page.
Advanced Statistical Reverse Transliteration
99.8% accuracy, independent of spelling, mixed text, general purpose transliteration technology.  40 times reduction in errors.  Great for international web sites, email providers and libraries.
Web Keyboards - free!
Add a multi-lingual keyboard switch to your web pages. To this day, no other plugin works seemlessly with any physical keyboard layout.