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Products: Announcing KREDOR Business Object Framework 2.0 for .NET!

In today's competitive business world, companies demand quickly developed sophisticated software systems that match their business model, are easy to maintain, and adapt to future needs. Instead, typical .NET business systems take months, or sometimes years, to develop and are not easy to maintain.  This should not be the case.   

KREDOR Business Object Framework frees you from the cumbersome, error-prone, and hard-to-maintain data-access and plumbing codes.  It also promotes a clean object oriented architecture of your system.    

Top 5 Reasons To Switch to KREDOR Business Object Framework

There are many compelling reasons to switch to KREDOR Business Object Framework.  These are the Top Five:

Speed Up Your Software Development By At Least a Factor of Two Speeds Up Your Software Development By a Factor of Three
Complete systems in a fraction of the time and keep your customers happy.
Create Object Oriented Software that Effectively Models a Business Create Object Oriented Software that Effectively Models a Business
A functioning object oriented class library that models your business can be created with the least amount of coding.
Reduce Code Complexity Reduce Code Complexity
Thanks to automatic databinding, convenient methods for selecting objects, and an intuitive class generation wizard the framework eliminates about three quarters of the code you would otherwise need to write.  The standardized approach to creating business object classes keeps things consistent throught your application and makes your code simple and straightforward.
Secure Your System Secure Your System
Avoid most security vulnerabilities associated with data-access code.  The framework performs data-binding in a highly secure and standards compliant way, so you don't have to worry about the intricacies of securing your data-access layer. 
Ensure Data Integrity Ensure Data Integrity
Avoid the numerous glitches that can sabotage your data integrity.  The framework takes care of these automatically.  

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Demo (10 min movie)
See the development of an ASP.NET application using KREDOR Business Object Framework. 
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KREDOR .NET Business Object Framework 2.0
Speeds up .NET software development by up to four times.  Allows developers to focus on business logic by automatically taking care of all data access.

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