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KREDOR Talent Search

Imagination and communication skills set KREDOR’s job candidates apart

Looking to Hire Software Developers, Analysts or Engineers?
When you need a talented and imaginative Software Developer, Analyst or Engineer with outstanding design and problem solving abilities, as well as communication skills, call the recruitment experts at KREDOR. Our unique selection process enables us to identify the trully talented engineers – those who can come up with original solutions to even the most complex problems and who can enable your organization to achieve its goals.

A New Approach to Recruiting
Traditional placement agencies often use a “shotgun” approach, sending over as many candidates as possible and leaving the burden of filtering these job applicants to you. High-end recruiters subject each candidate to time-consuming testing that often rejects talented candidates whose experience and knowledge is just slightly different than what the test calls for.

In contrast, KREDOR’s screening and testing methodology – based on scientific research on people's spatial thinking ability (aka dimensionality reduction ability) – quickly identifies the most creative and talented candidates for you.

Screening and Testing that Finds the Right People
It is not usually difficult to find job candidates with particular technology experience. The difficulty lies in finding the real engineers, those who can look at problems from mulitiple angles and come up with elegant solutions, who have great communication skills... In short - who are worth their salt. Our process helps us source and screen effectively these top-notch professionals.

All This for Just a 10% Commission
While others charge a 20 to 30% commission and still expect you to do the screening, testing and reference checking yourself, KREDOR reduces your hiring risk, takes the guesswork out of the process and offers the lowest commissions in the industry.

Top 5 reasons To Use KREDOR Talent Search

KREDOR Talent Search is unique in the marketplace because it eliminates the major shortcomings of current recruitment approaches. Why you should call KREDOR Talent Search now:

1 Only 10% Commission!
Our efficient selection system allows us to pass along the savings to you.
2 Save time
Save days and weeks of interviews and eliminate risk. Our turnaround time is often just three days, and our method is so thorough that most clients hire the first or second person we present.
3 Get true software development talent
We provide you with creative engineers who come up with streamlined solutions to even the most complicated software problems - engineers who look at a problem from all sides, make the right trade-offs, and can understand user as well as customer needs
4 Simple contingency basis
We work on a straight, typically one-month contingency basis. You owe us a commission only if you are satisfied with the employee.
5 A proven and highly-effective method that works with the ups and downs of the economy
Our system is designed to engage the broadest pool of candidates, while at the same time be highly selective, and thus it works well in both employers’ and in job-seekers’ markets.


"Our recent programmer analyst job opening was filled quickly with the help of KREDOR; we hired the first candidate after he impressed us in the first Interview. Turnout was quick. A Good move on my part! I will use KREDOR's services for future job openings."
Balaji Gullapali, Development Manager, La Curacao
"This has never happened to us before - We were able to fill an urgent position after just three days and three interviews. The engineer we hired turned out just as we hoped and he was well in our price range."
Civic Resource Group